Transform Your Business in 28 Days
David Pynn

Here's what a few of my customers have said about my products and my coaching programs:

"David Pynn mentors and shares his wealth of knowledge and experiences to build my networking business and develop my self-confidence. David has designed a step-by-step technique to funnel leads into my business, teaches how to approach people and cultivate relationships while improving my self-esteem. The achievement of my goals and the benefit of my mentor, success will last a lifetime."

Frank Bond; Lake Wales, FL

"From the time that we started with David, until now we have had some very interesting changes in our lives, both individually and in the business world. I'm the networker and my husband would rather do the "presentations". With David's mentoring and personalized planning I became aware that I was very good in MLM but afraid of success. Just imagine someone being afraid of success...most people are fearful of failure!! For those of you who have not experienced this... it's really discouraging. So it was not about the products or the company... it was really about me. By being accountable every week to David to remove this block, I have actually moved farther ahead than I ever dreamed possible. . Thanks David!"

Diana and John Snowden; Ontario, Canada

"I have been coaching with David for about 8 months, and have found his insights and strategies invaluable. I am preparing to quit my regular job this year, and David has been helping me put my networking business into overdrive. After 5 years in the business, I have set all-time records in the past few months while working with David. It really helps to get advice from someone outside of my company. As a neutral observer, David can see things that my upline or downline can't. Plus, one new idea or phrase or activity can make a huge impact. I highly recommend his coaching services."

Gordon Battle; Fort Mill, SC

"I thought your program cut out all the hype, and concentrated on the area that needed to be focused on for me. It has given me some creative ideas and I can't wait to implement them all. I enjoyed the one on one interaction and the question and answers relating to the topic at hand. Overall, I really enjoy the coaching and the cut to the chase style of learning. Thank you!"

Stan Tsiamoulis; Sydney, Australia

"I would be crazy not to sign up you have so many gems to share. This will surely be a big leap of faith for me but in the long run worth it."

Pati Gillen

"Good Morning! I am pleased to announce that I signed up a new distributor with a pro pack and made my highest paycheck ever of $1200 since I turned Silver. I have a lot on the agenda for next week. Trainings and more presentations. Thanks for everything David!"

Dr. Heather Vaughan Williams; Phoenix AZ, USA

"My goal was to end Jan. with 1800 pts. I finished with 7500! It is because of your techniques that people on my team purchased marketing tools, and also sold a lot of product this month. Thanks for everything David!"

Gina Nostrant; Springfield, PA

"David, I have 2 presentations set up this week so on Wednesday for the call and the other Thursday for a local health and freedom. Next week I have goal is 3-4 per week......I am excited. Things are going to start happening. I am very successful!!! Thanks for everything.

Khara PS Love the book!"

Khara Sandoval; Albuquerque, NM

"Only a mountain Sasquatch with no idea of history, future, just minimal self-survival, would walk away from your offer. Thank you kindly for understanding the inertia and the potential."

Mary Berukoff; Victoria, BC

"Greetings oh Great Coach of the Universe, I also wanted to THANK-YOU for your BELIEVING in me and for your SUPPORT of me, as both of these have been great guides through the fog these past several weeks!


Sherri Smith; Gloucester, MA

"Yes David, I did learn a lot, and I really appreciate that. I love learning teaching related stuff, but at the moment the value lies in more than just learning things. Listening to you is more than learning, it's also absorbing your belief systems which is more important than anything else."

Isabella Birkin; Oxford, UK

"Before I met David, I was on the verge of closing my business. My dreams were dying. I had all the motivation in the world to succeed, but just didn't know how. I have been working with David for a couple of months. From our first meeting, I immediate felt I was in the presence of a truly warm and caring person. Through David's extraordinary style of coaching and step-by-step personalized program, he succeeding in reviving my dreams and aspirations. The knowledge I am attaining through this program is priceless.

David saved my future for me and my family. Thanks David for restoring my hope for a bright future."

David Porat; Elazar, ISRAEL

Attention all Networkers... serious about transforming your business THIS month!

Are you tired of building a downline only to have them vanish?

Are you worried about where the next autoship payment is going to come from?

Are you concerned about the growing debt from your business?

If there were a simple, proven, step-by-step guide to build a large, consistent, residual income in your business, would you be intrigued to find out more?

Introducing "Transform Your Business in 28 Days"... an interactive and user friendly workbook designed to transform your business from its current state into the profitable business of your dreams!

"Transform Your Business in 28 Days" will not only give you a foundation for a life long successful career in network marketing, but it will literally transform any struggling business into a cash cow filled with motivated downline and hungry prospects!

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

You've probably told yourself this in one form or another:

"Okay, this month is MY MONTH!" OR
"This is going to be the month I turn my business around!" OR
"I have to make this work or else!"

You might slap yourself around a bit, and "commit" to taking action.

You sit down and block out some time in your planner to build your business... maybe even map out some sort of game plan you got from a conference call, meeting, CD, DVD, or book.

You say to yourself: "I have to! I can't keep putting money into this thing and not getting anything back... I need to make some money!"

Remember... you can only "Take from Peter to pay for Paul" for so long you know.

Before you know it, it's the 5th day of the month, and you've gotten a lot of last months activity done... NOTHING!

You start to get a little down about your procrastination, but quickly come to the realization that the month isn't over and you still have time to salvage it.

"I'm going to get refocused over the next two days, and start off Week 2 with a BANG!"

Week 2 goes by in a blur. It seemed like you didn't even have time to breathe let alone even think about paying attention to your business. Of course another week goes by with inactivity.

You might have had the time booked in your day planner, but it seemed like something always got in the way.

Now, you've reached the half waypoint of the month and you still have nothing to show for it.

"That's okay; I have 14 days to make it up. I'll book some extra time out of my schedule to make up for the past 14 days, and close out the month strong".

Monday comes and goes without much progress. Then you remembered you had that thing on Tuesday, and on Wednesday your favourite show is on and you can't miss that! On Thursday you listen in on a "very important" conference call by the company, so nothing gets done, and your friend needed you on Friday. You wake up on Saturday morning and think you can't prospect anyone on the weekend and the long and short of it is that you once again did nothing.

"Well, I guess this wasn't my month!" You might say, and take the rest of the month off and chalk it up as another month of good intentions.

Now I don't mean to kick you in the butt, but "THE BILLS DON'T GET PAID WITH GOOD INTENTIONS"!

What went wrong? You had everything planned out!

You blocked out time, you wrote out some goals, got some names to call and product to hand out, got all your ducks lined in a row... you even committed!

And once again, another month comes and goes.

Believe me, I know how you feel... I wasn't always a success.

The first year and half of my business was a complete and utter disaster! Nothing I did worked. I took advice from everyone I could afford to.

I tried everything from handing out tapes, CD's & DVD's to placing advertisements all over town to taking up a newspaper ad to talking to people face-to-face in parking lots to email marketing to handing out business cards to blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

18 months of failure and good intentions can kill any hopes and dreams... I was a mess!

Then something dawned on me... it hit me like a runaway train speeding down the tracks with brake failure!

My problem wasn't me; I wanted to succeed. I was willing to do whatever it took to make my business a success.

The one problem I had was NOBODY gave me a simple step-by-step plan of action that could tell me what to do in plain English, how to do it, motivate me, hold me accountable, and get me the results I so desperately needed!

If "28 Days to Transform Your Business" were around when I got started in network marketing, I would have been richer then I am today.

Let me just cut to the chase... I understand your time is VERY valuable. Running your own business and being your own boss is hard work. There are tons of factors that can hold you back from the success you deserve. I've made a career out of helping people like you build large thriving profitable businesses.

Picture this...

Imagine waking up in the morning not having to worry about what you have to do today to gain financial independence...
what a weight off your shoulders!

Imagine not having to try and figure this business out on your own...
what a weight off your shoulders!

Imagine not having to rely on your upline, (if you have one), to help you build a business...
what a weight off your shoulders!

Imagine having an interactive and simple guide that guaranteed your success...
what a weight off your shoulders!

Imagine not wasting any more time and money on things that don't work...
what a weight off your shoulders!

Imagine the feeling of actually SEEING results in your everyday actions, and the burden of debt and failure had an end in sight...
what a weight off your shoulders!

What if there was a proven workbook that guaranteed success? A workbook that TOLD you in plan English what you needed to do, and backed it up with a guarantee. What if it came with 'dummy-proof' instructions on HOW to implement it? What if you just committed to follow it, day in and day out for 28 days and 28 days later you had the start of a life-long thriving career!

How much would you pay for such a thing?

Put a 2nd mortgage up on your house?

What if I told you this step-by-step blueprint to a life-long residual income was nowhere near that cost... would it get you excited?

What if I told you I was GIVING AWAY this key to success for just a dollar a day?


At a buck a day this workbook is a pretty good deal. But my job is to "Make you an offer you can't refuse"! I'm going to turn this 'deal' into a 'steal'... with FREE BONUSES!

BONUS #1: The "Transform Your Business in 28 Days" Training Audio - Getting a guide like this is great, but having me there every step of the way to guide you through the workbook would be even better! I'm including a 30-minute audio on specific strategies and tactics you can use to truly make this program life changing for you. This audio will guide you through the workbook every day for the full 28 days. It will help to clear up any grey areas you may have and give you the daily motivation you need to maximize your true potential! ($30 value)

BONUS #2: The "Transform Your Business is 28 Days" Email Series - Wouldn't it be nice to get a daily email to help with your accountability? This email series is specifically designed for this workbook. Each day you will receive motivation, hidden gems to use on prospects and tips on how to maximize that days activities. ($30 value)

BONUS #3: The "Transform Your Business in 28 Days" LIVE Coaching Call - Have you ever wished you could speak one-on-one to the author of a course you bought? Well, this is your chance to speak to me one-on-one from the comfort of your own home! This call will give you the opportunity to pick my brain personally... I'll hold nothing back! My million dollar strategies and tactics will be an open book for you. We will customize a specific game-plan just for you and your new team so you can stay consistent and motivated towards your income goals. Many of these calls have turned into weekly fireside power sessions for you to get top quality guidance and bounce ideas off of. ($97 value)

BONUS #4: The "Building a Business on a Budget" Ebook - This online book is my #1 Best Seller! It consists of 20 easy to follow reports on how to turn any shoestring budget business into a profitable cash cow! It covers everything from leveraging time to how to give effective presentations all the way to the best closing methods on the market and how to motivate downline to produce. I have gotten rave reviews about it from day one! ($20 value)

As you can see, with these bonuses, you literally have a multi-medium 'fool-proof' system to transform your business and give you the results you've dreamed of!


Now, I know what you might be thinking... "Dave, what about a guarantee?"

I say, "What's a deal without a guarantee?"

So, for this special offer, I'm going to stick my neck out on the line and put a 60-day no hassle money back guarantee on the whole program! That's right, if you are not 100% satisfied and compelled to share this workbook with your upline, cross line, downline and everyone else in your company, then I'll give you all your money back... no questions asked. It's also okay if you want to keep this workbook your little secret too you know. : )

So what are you waiting for? I've got a couple of convenient and fast options for you to pick up the book... and it will be sent to you in seconds!

Denis Waitley once said: "If it is to be, it's up to me!"

I have shown you the door... it's your job to walk through it. Besides, at $28, you can't afford NOT to pick this up and use it. I guarantee you won't miss that dollar a day.

These next 28 days can literally transform your business forever!

I look forward to working with you.

Your #1 fan!

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P.S. To recap, you get 'Transform Your Business in 28 Days' with a rock solid 110% money-back guarantee for the ridiculously low price of $28.00 USD! Along with the workbook, you get the instructional training audio, the email series, the LIVE coaching call and the "Building a Business on a Budget" ebook FOR FREE! That's over $180 of bonuses I'm throwing in for you at no extra charge. This will give you a plethora of tools to have and use at your disposal.

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