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An Interview with David Pynn

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"David - You are the BEST!! I have wanted a mentor/coach for three years. I have considered four. I did not feel a connection with any of them so decided to just keep doing what I was doing. We thank Heather frequently for introducing us to you. We have had six calls telling us how WONDERFUL the call was and how helpful you were. I am in the process of typing the notes. We feel very blessed to have you in our lives and are SO looking forward to our success and taking that journey with you and our downline."

Dian Fawver; Albuquerque, NM

"Dear David - I am pleased to announce that I signed up a new distributor with a pro pack and made my highest paycheck ever of $1200 since I turned Silver. I have a lot on the agenda for next week. Thanks for the Trainings!"

Dr. Heather Vaughan Williams; Phoenix, AZ

"Only a mountain Sasquatch with no idea of history, future, just minimal self-survival, would walk away from your offer. Thank you kindly for understanding the inertia and the potential."

Mary Berukoff; Castlegar, BC

"I recently had the opportunity of taking on a home business and having David Pynn as my personal coach. To say the least he is the best in the field. He turned my business and life around. He is able to teach/coach and encourage. I have learned so much and I would encourage anyone no matter if you are just starting your business or have been it for awhile he has the ability to teach anyone right from where they are to new heights."

Pati Gillen; Medford, OR

"David you definitely knew exactly what I needed to hear. I just had a talk with myself in the mirror and I told myself I was not going to let anyone steal my dreams especially myself. I told myself I was a leader, really loud too. I feel like I just seen this whole business in a new light. I am good enough and I will never quit. Most of all I am with the right company, under the right leadership with the right coach."

Brian Salvage; Sacramento, CA

"I have been coaching with David for about 8 months, and have found his insights and strategies invaluable. I am preparing to quit my regular job this year, and David has been helping me put my networking business into overdrive. After 5 years in the business, I have set all-time records in the past few months while working with David. It really helps to get advice from someone outside of my company. As a neutral observer, David can see things that my upline or downline can't. Plus, one new idea or phrase or activity can make a huge impact. I highly recommend his coaching services."

Gordon Battle; Fort Mill, SC

"David Pynn mentors and shares his wealth of knowledge and experiences to build my networking business and develop my self-confidence. David has designed a step-by-step technique to funnel leads into my business, teaches how to approach people and cultivate relationships while improving my self-esteem. The achievement of my goals and the benefit of my mentor, success will last a lifetime."

Frank Bond; Lake Wales, FL

"I have been with David for about a month. He has boosted my self esteem and my enthusiasm to build my business. I am looking forward to big things."

Bill Hanzel; Aurora, CO

"I became acquainted with David Pynn thru David Ledoux his good friend, we came to an agreement for David Pynn to coach me in the areas of his success. In a very short time he exposed to me how I could free up and reorganize my overloaded time schedule, and to have control of time instead and not time over me, this one concept alone will affect the rest of my life. With his experienced knowledge of network marketing I am now on the inside track for sorting out the path to take to develop wealth and not put the hours in that I have in the past. Thanks, David"

Jim Gerry; Pre-paid Legal Services in Waterboro ME

One of the best decisions I have made in my life was to hook up with a guy named David Pynn. At long last somebody, who knows the network marketing business and most important, what to actually say to prospects. This has always been my downfall, trying to work it on my own. It has been the same old story for the past 8 years in as many companies. So why do so many of us fail at this business? The reason is simple...no adequate training and I mean the real stuff... until now. Once it's done right you'll never look back and networking will never be the same again.

Martin Nolan; Galway, Ireland

David Pynn has been a successful student, distributor, trainer and mentor in network marketing for 10 years. He has published articles all over the Internet and in various magazines; used by such companies as MLM.com, Network Marketing Lifestyles and other reputable organizations.

David or "Coach Dave" has coached thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs from various different industries:

  • Network Marketing
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Franchisees

People from all over the world love his unique style and straight-forward attitude. He is focused on getting you the results he personally has seen in his businesses. Coach Dave only teaches methods that he has tried and been successful with. His 'No-BS' style and tremendous passion for his clients are a refreshing change in the industry. His professional accountability and various strategies make it easy for everyone to be successful in their personal and professional lives.

David currently mentors 6 & 7 figure income earners as well as new distributors in network marketing on a weekly, by-weekly and monthly basis. He works with people on a 1-on-1 basis as well as in groups. He is a devoted father, husband and student. His hobbies include reading, self development, charity work, watching films and playing organized sports.

His current client roster hails from such countries as Canada, the USA, Ireland, Denmark, Italy, the United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Korea, Mexico, Australia, Bermuda, China and Singapore.

This is a transcript of a short interview done with David by a Leading industry website:

All are readers want to know - is that Burger King story true?

"Yes, it is true Tina. I came from humble beginnings as a child, working at the most glamorous job of all... Burger King!"

"I was the pimply 14 year old teenager at the Drive Thru with the paper hat asking, 'Would you like fries with that'. It was the hardest work of my life, making minimum wage while knowing I was worth thousands more. That has to be one of the worst feelings of all. Knowing that you're worth more then you're paid, but you don't feel you can do anything about it? Did you know that 92% of people around the world feel they are not making what they are worth? Amazing isn't it?"

"Who influenced you the most in life?"

"My father was the major motivator for me in perusing a financially successful business. He was a very hard working man, working 80+ hours a week trying to make ends meet for my family. We lived in a small one-bedroom apartment in a suburb of Toronto Canada. Although there was always food on the table, and my brother and I always had what we wanted, I saw how hard my parents worked for it, and it scared me. Will I have to work THAT hard to provide for my family? I mean my father did everything from driving a bus, to driving a taxicab to delivering pizza! He worked hard, for very little.

At the same time he was always looking for extra ways to make money for our family. I guess this is how his feet got wet in network marketing. He did everything from marketing dog food to water filters, while I was there to help pass out business cards, flyers and sit in during meetings he had. I guess all the exposure helped me in my career choice. By the time I was legally eligible to have my own business, I did. I started my own business because I learned at an early age that I would rather have 1% of 100 people's efforts then 100% of my own.

Aside from your father, who else was a great influence to you?

My wife Stephanie has been such a tremendous support and role model for me. She currently teaches in Culinary Arts, and is writing a cookbook for her own business. They say that behind every great man, there is a better woman. With such a great success behind me, it's hard not to excel! As for earlier in my life, I was never a great school student in the late years of high school and university. My teacher's became the David Ledoux's, Dexter Yager's, Anthony Robbin's and Bob Proctor's of the world. My classroom became my beat up 1973 Pontiac Parrisienne; where I listened to these fine people speak about the importance of goal setting, hard work and commitment.

You seem to be a smart person, why weren't you a good student in school?

In "traditional school" all I saw were too many years for more money than I could afford and spending 10 years after that schooling paying off my debt.

I wanted something more out of life. Being a Generation "X" mentality, I wanted to make a lot of money in as short a period of time. This is why I found network marketing.

Everyone knows about your success in network marketing, but what have you done lately?

After being in the industry for a few years and building a good size business, I took "early retirement" to partner up in a business with a good friend of mine. We started a generic coaching and training company. I guess this is one of the perks about being successful financially. We got a number of phone calls from people outside of our company who wanted us to personally coach and train them. My partner was speaking at corporate conventions and seminars all over the world, while I coached and trained people over the phone and in-group settings. It has been fantastic to say the least.

What are some of the topics that your clients want help with?

There are so many topics that I cover in my programs. I leave it open to my client to decide what we should work on as opposed to having a set agenda of topics. I feel that this style of training is more personal for my clients, and they in turn get more out of it.

I've discussed everything from time management skills, to belief system strategies, all the way to book keeping, and training employees and downlines. I leave no stone unturned!

What is your major goal with your coaching programs?

"My goal is simple - to help people attain the lifestyle that they want and deserve. It's a great feeling to have time freedom. It's fantastic to have choices in your life and the resources to attain them. I want this for my clients, because it isn't fun being at the top alone! I'm in the business of helping people get results. PERIOD. "

What's one of the best things your clients have said about you?

I recall one of my clients saying; "David, you're my flashlight in a dark room"... very humbling. I remember my face went all flush when she said that. Thank goodness she said it over the phone!

Any last thoughts for people reading this interview today?

Never settle for anything less than your best. Make the precious time you have on this planet MEAN something. Leave a legacy for your family and friends to be proud of, and lastly, let nothing hold you back from getting to where you want to go. Nothing is impossible!


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