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"David - You are the BEST!! I have wanted a mentor/coach for three years. I have considered four. I did not feel a connection with any of them so decided to just keep doing what I was doing. We thank Heather frequently for introducing us to you. We have had six calls telling us how WONDERFUL the call was and how helpful you were. I am in the process of typing the notes. We feel very blessed to have you in our lives and are SO looking forward to our success and taking that journey with you and our downline."

Dian Fawver; Albuquerque, NM

"Dear David - I am pleased to announce that I signed up a new distributor with a pro pack and made my highest paycheck ever of $1200 since I turned Silver. I have a lot on the agenda for next week. Thanks for the Trainings!"

Dr. Heather Vaughan Williams; Phoenix, AZ

"Only a mountain Sasquatch with no idea of history, future, just minimal self-survival, would walk away from your offer. Thank you kindly for understanding the inertia and the potential."

Mary Berukoff; Castlegar, BC

"I recently had the opportunity of taking on a home business and having David Pynn as my personal coach. To say the least he is the best in the field. He turned my business and life around. He is able to teach/coach and encourage. I have learned so much and I would encourage anyone no matter if you are just starting your business or have been it for awhile he has the ability to teach anyone right from where they are to new heights."

Pati Gillen; Medford, OR

"David you definitely knew exactly what I needed to hear. I just had a talk with myself in the mirror and I told myself I was not going to let anyone steal my dreams especially myself. I told myself I was a leader, really loud too. I feel like I just seen this whole business in a new light. I am good enough and I will never quit. Most of all I am with the right company, under the right leadership with the right coach."

Brian Salvage; Sacramento, CA

"I have been coaching with David for about 8 months, and have found his insights and strategies invaluable. I am preparing to quit my regular job this year, and David has been helping me put my networking business into overdrive. After 5 years in the business, I have set all-time records in the past few months while working with David. It really helps to get advice from someone outside of my company. As a neutral observer, David can see things that my upline or downline can't. Plus, one new idea or phrase or activity can make a huge impact. I highly recommend his coaching services."

Gordon Battle; Fort Mill, SC

"David Pynn mentors and shares his wealth of knowledge and experiences to build my networking business and develop my self-confidence. David has designed a step-by-step technique to funnel leads into my business, teaches how to approach people and cultivate relationships while improving my self-esteem. The achievement of my goals and the benefit of my mentor, success will last a lifetime."

Frank Bond; Lake Wales, FL

"I have been with David for about a month. He has boosted my self esteem and my enthusiasm to build my business. I am looking forward to big things."

Bill Hanzel; Aurora, CO

"David had helped me see things through a different pair of glasses. I though I knew a little how things should be done. But with his professional assistance I can see clearly now."

Shaun Thresher; ITALY

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Attention ALL serious networkers looking to double or triple their sign up rates today!

Have you ever wondered what's the best thing to say when a prospect gives you an objection or excuse not to sign up in your business?

Have you ever wished you had an "objection expert" with you to handle those tough questions that prospects ask when you're out sharing your business?

The Rebuttal Book is the perfect tool to efficiently handle all the tough questions, excuses and objections that prospects make every time you present your business.

It's true... the toughest job that distributors perform, day in and day out, is handling all the excuses and 'baloney' that prospects create. How to handle these objections smoothly and flawlessly is a skill sought-after by distributors of all shapes, races and sizes.

I have put together a brand new resource designed to tackle this very REAL issue in the industry. I call it "The Rebuttal Book" and it's the world's first third-party resource designed solely to help distributors handle the objections they get in their every day prospecting endeavours. In "The Rebuttal Book" I take the Top 50 objections that occur in your every day prospecting conversations and give you a simple and effective script on how to handle EACH ONE! Nothing could be easier!

Now you may be asking; "David, how did you come up with these 50?"

Well, I've learned a lot from being a successful distributor, trainer, facilitator and author of this industry. Over the past 11 years, I've done thousands of presentations; thousands of follow up calls; I have introduced and welcomed hundreds upon hundreds of people into this industry. Over that time frame, I've encountered prospects from all walks of life. Aside from all of my personal experience, I've interviewed several of my coaching clients and downline members and asked them one thing...

"What are the Top 5 excuses or objections you get from prospects that stop them from joining your business?"

I got a bunch of them...

"I don't have the time"
"My wife won't let me"
"Why isn't this in stores?"
"I don't have the money"
"I'm not a salesman"
"I've tried this before and it didn't work for me"
"I've talked to everyone I know"
"What's the catch?"

The list goes on and on and on.

I started thinking... how could objection handling become the "easy" part of prospecting? How could I help distributors take the guesswork out of dealing with excuses so that they could focus more time on building their businesses? And then it hit me.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a quick and easy guide handy that you could use to handle these objections real time? Something with real-life objections and real-life answers?

I'll tell you, if I had this resource while I was prospecting full time, I would have had an infinite amount of more success then I did. I wished my upline gave me a tool like this. It would have literally saved me tens of thousands of dollars in wasted follow-ups and potential sign ups gone down the drain.

"The Rebuttal Book" will make you look and sound professional with real time answers to any excuses or objections a prospect will give you. This is a must-have for anyone looking to advance levels in their business and build a multi-figure, multi-county downline.

Now how much would you pay for something that will help you make millions?

$250? ...$5 a rebuttal is a fair price
$150? ...$3 a rebuttal is a better deal
$100? ...$2 a rebuttal is a phenomenal deal
$50? ...$1 a rebuttal is practically giving them away

What if I told you that I was offering this necessity for your business at an introductory price of $25...Yes you read correctly.... ONLY 25 bucks! That means that each rebuttal will cost you a mere 50 cents.


But wait! What kind of deal would this be without some free stuff?
Besides, I want to make this visit worth your time.

If you take the chance and pick up this essential tool for your business today, I will give you:

FREE BONUS # 1: A LIVE 1-to-1 coaching call with David Pynn - Have you ever wished you could speak one-on-one to the author of a book you bought? Well, this is your chance to speak to me one-on-one from the comfort of your own home! This call will give you the opportunity to pick my brain personally... I'll hold nothing back! My million dollar strategies and tactics will be an open book for you. We will customize a specific game plan just for you and your new team so you can stay consistent and motivated towards your income goals. Many of these calls have turned into weekly fireside chats for you to keep your focus up and your commitment to your business strong. ($97 value)

FREE BONUS # 2: A Subscription to the world renowned Power Strategies email newsletter - This newsletter is not like all the's stocked full of key strategies, concepts and techniques that are proven not only to work for you, but the rest of your current team and future downline. Get valuable tips from people who've built what you are looking to create. ($29 value)

FREE BONUS # 3: The "Building a Business on a Budget" Ebook - This online book is my #1 Best Seller! It consists of 20 easy to follow reports on how to turn any shoestring budget business into a profitable cash cow! It covers everything from leveraging time to how to give effective presentations all the way to the best closing methods on the market and how to motivate downline to produce. I have gotten rave reviews about it from day one! ($20 value)

If you do the math...


Now I want to make sure you take the guess work out of picking up this book, so I am putting an iron clad 60-day 100% money back guarantee on the whole deal! If for any reason you don't feel you get your full value for your money, then you simply let me know and I will refund you all the money for this book and even let you keep it without a question from me. That's how confident I am in this tool. I know you are going to get it, read it and wonder how you went all this time without it!

So what are you waiting for? I've got a couple of convenient and fast options for you to pick up the book. The best part is it will be sent to you in seconds so you can use it right away.

They say there are three types of people in this world:

  1. People who make things happen
  2. People who watch things happen &
  3. People who wonder, "What happened?"
This resource will help you become a person who makes things happen.
Imagine all the recognition awards and accolades you'll receive from just increasing your sign up ratio a few percentage points. IMAGINE THE INCREASE IN PAY CHECKS! You can't afford not to get your hands on this.

I hope to one day see you on stage getting recognized for the successful choices and efforts you do today.

Your #1 fan!

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P.S. To recap, you get The Rebuttal Book, a live one-on-one coaching call to help break through various challenges and issues in your business, the world renowned Power Strategies newsletter stocked full of valuable real strategies and techniques to help you get the results you want AND the Building a Business on a Budget ebook with 20 easy to follow ways to decrease the amount of money you are spending and increase the amount of success you see in your business all for just $25.

That's $170 of million dollar success tips for $25 bucks. You can't beat a deal like this. And remember it's all backed by an iron clad 60-day money back guarantee!

P.P.S. Only click here if you're still not convinced.


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