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David Pynn

"David - You are the BEST!! I have wanted a mentor/coach for three years. I have considered four. I did not feel a connection with any of them so decided to just keep doing what I was doing. We thank Heather frequently for introducing us to you. We have had six calls telling us how WONDERFUL the call was and how helpful you were. I am in the process of typing the notes. We feel very blessed to have you in our lives and are SO looking forward to our success and taking that journey with you and our downline."

Dian Fawver; Albuquerque, NM

"Dear David - I am pleased to announce that I signed up a new distributor with a pro pack and made my highest paycheck ever of $1200 since I turned Silver. I have a lot on the agenda for next week. Thanks for the Trainings!"

Dr. Heather Vaughan Williams; Phoenix, AZ

"Only a mountain Sasquatch with no idea of history, future, just minimal self-survival, would walk away from your offer. Thank you kindly for understanding the inertia and the potential."

Mary Berukoff; Castlegar, BC

"I recently had the opportunity of taking on a home business and having David Pynn as my personal coach. To say the least he is the best in the field. He turned my business and life around. He is able to teach/coach and encourage. I have learned so much and I would encourage anyone no matter if you are just starting your business or have been it for awhile he has the ability to teach anyone right from where they are to new heights."

Pati Gillen; Medford, OR

"David you definitely knew exactly what I needed to hear. I just had a talk with myself in the mirror and I told myself I was not going to let anyone steal my dreams especially myself. I told myself I was a leader, really loud too. I feel like I just seen this whole business in a new light. I am good enough and I will never quit. Most of all I am with the right company, under the right leadership with the right coach."

Brian Salvage; Sacramento, CA

"I have been coaching with David for about 8 months, and have found his insights and strategies invaluable. I am preparing to quit my regular job this year, and David has been helping me put my networking business into overdrive. After 5 years in the business, I have set all-time records in the past few months while working with David. It really helps to get advice from someone outside of my company. As a neutral observer, David can see things that my upline or downline can't. Plus, one new idea or phrase or activity can make a huge impact. I highly recommend his coaching services."

Gordon Battle; Fort Mill, SC

"David Pynn mentors and shares his wealth of knowledge and experiences to build my networking business and develop my self-confidence. David has designed a step-by-step technique to funnel leads into my business, teaches how to approach people and cultivate relationships while improving my self-esteem. The achievement of my goals and the benefit of my mentor, success will last a lifetime."

Frank Bond; Lake Wales, FL

"I have been with David for about a month. He has boosted my self esteem and my enthusiasm to build my business. I am looking forward to big things."

Bill Hanzel; Aurora, CO

"I became acquainted with David Pynn thru David Ledoux his good friend, we came to an agreement for David Pynn to coach me in the areas of his success. In a very short time he exposed to me how I could free up and reorganize my overloaded time schedule, and to have control of time instead and not time over me, this one concept alone will affect the rest of my life. With his experienced knowledge of network marketing I am now on the inside track for sorting out the path to take to develop wealth and not put the hours in that I have in the past. Thanks, David"

Jim Gerry; Pre-paid Legal Services in Waterboro ME

One of the best decisions I have made in my life was to hook up with a guy named David Pynn. At long last somebody, who knows the network marketing business and most important, what to actually say to prospects. This has always been my downfall, trying to work it on my own. It has been the same old story for the past 8 years in as many companies. So why do so many of us fail at this business? The reason is adequate training and I mean the real stuff... until now. Once it's done right you'll never look back and networking will never be the same again.

Martin Nolan; Galway, Ireland

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help over the last 3 months. Your mentoring and tele-coaching have had a big impact on my Pre-Paid Legal Services business. I have recently won some contest cash, as well as qualified for one of our highest ranks, Executive Director. This alone will net me an additional $3000 just in December!

After 5 years part-time with decent success, I wanted to take my business to the next level. My goal is to match my full-time income of $9000 per month from my job in 2004. Your insight and ideas have helped me become laser focused on the proper activities. I am more organized and more motivated to make the necessary changes in my life and my business that will allow me to reach my goals. I feel that everyone performs better with a good coach pushing them and guiding them. I know that I do. Thanks for everything.

Gordon Battle; South Carolina, USA

"When the Student is ready the Master appears". Even after a number of years in this business we sure needed a mentor, and David Pynn appeared. His vast and successful experience is helping us to make important breakthroughs in our business enterprises. His encouraging, gentle, sequential guidance is already showing positive results after only a few weeks.

John & Diana Snowden; Hanover, Ontario

"David had helped me see things through a different pair of glasses. I though I knew a little how things should be done. But with his professional assistance I can see clearly now."

Shaun Thresher; ITALY

"David has been a tremendous help to me through his mentoring program. I was getting nowhere with my business, I was basically stuck and that's when I came across David. They say when you are open and ready, a teacher will appear. That was the situation with me. Since that time, I have noticed such a difference in how I handle my business and it is even growing. Thanks so much David, you are a Godsend!"

Saylor Niederworder; Mooloolaba, AUSTRALIA

"The very first conversation I had with David Pynn I knew we were going to be friends. His low-key, down-to-earth style was such a refreshing contrast to much of what I'd been exposed to in searching for a network marketing sponsor and mentor. Then, as the weeks and months went by, I listened to many of David's coaching calls, some where he was just talking to me, and many where I was part of a group listening in. Now, not a day goes by that I don't hear David's voice in my head inspiring me to stay the course with one of his great nuggets of wisdom about how to become a network marketing success. You'd have to spend a lifetime to find a better coach and mentor than David Pynn. What he's done for me is given me the assurance that FINALLY I'm in the right place at the right time!"

Dan Dawson, Centennial, Colorado USA

"I met David through an online advertisement when he responded through a phone call. I must say that I was and have been impressed with his winning attitude even. David had to deal and still has to deal with a person and his skeptical attitude. But David still continues to believe in me even when I can't see what he sees. He is a GREAT friend and though he is a Junior in years to me, he has earned my respect as well as my friendship."

Jame$ A $mith; Atlanta, GA USA

"I have been involved in network marketing on and off for the past 13 years. I have had some small success but mostly frustration and disappointment. I am stubborn enough to stick with it as I have seen many friends have great success in this industry. I have now been working with David Pynn for the last six months. In that time, I started from scratch and after some initial barriers that David helped me overcome, I was able to sponsor a few people, qualify for a special bonus and move to the silver pin level in my company. Thanks for all your great training David!!"

Alex Whibley; Vancouver, B.C. CANADA

Attention all serious network marketers!

Introducing "The Ultimate Training System"... the world's first complete "how-to" training program. It's designed to increase your profits, motivate your downline and take all the worry out of building ANY network marketing business!

January 20, 2018

From the desk of David Pynn; World-Renowned Success Coach

Picture this... it was a cold fall evening in the middle of November 1997. By night, I was working a vitamin network marketing company. By day I was a mild-mannered credit card salesman for a bank in Toronto, Canada. But that night, I was unusually anxious. I had a record 7 people commit to be at my weekly business briefing!

I rolled into the hotel at 6:45 PM for the 7:30 meeting, I was on fire! Seeing as how I was early, I volunteered to help put up the product display. I even greeted people at the door!

As I was helping some of my team members assemble the product display, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around, and it was my good friend and upline David Ledoux.

"Wow, you're here early, I better keep my eye on you!" he said.

"Thanks David," I said; "things are starting to come together quite nicely. I have 7 people showing up tonight!"

"Now that's exciting! That's 3 weeks in a row. Before we know it, we'll have to run one of these meetings for your group alone!" he said.

David was always a great upline, and a good friend of mine. No wonder he has the success he's seen for so many years.

But tonight was my night! I felt like Leonardo Dicaprio in the movie 'Titanic' - I was "King of the World!"

Now as you may have already guessed, the real reason why I was there so early was so I could get one of those 'million dollar seats' in the front of the room. This was my plan...

I saved all 7 seats in the front row. I was expecting my top 3 leaders and 4 guests there that night...

As each of my downline arrived, I greeted them with a smile and a handshake. We were the self-proclaimed "Misfit Men"!

Webster's definition of a 'Misfit' is:

"One who is unable to adjust to one's environment or circumstances or is considered to be disturbingly different from others."

There was Johnny 'Green Hair' Chew with his guest, Rui 'the Maniac Mechanic' Silva with his younger brother, and Tejinder 'The Burger Flipper' Singh with his two guests.

This group of young adults were the sore thumb in the crowd. They all had piercings in their eyebrows and noses. They all had their wallets attached to really long chains that dragged on the floor. They even all had their pants 10 sizes to big, so the crotches were down to their knees!

Now forgive me, but these guys were the leaders on my team at the time. Johnny REALLY had green hair, Tejinder REALLY worked at Burger King with me, and Rui REALLY did drop out of grade 9 to stock shelves at his dad's auto parts shop.

They all had a lot of heart and were great workers. The problem was that they were very poor entrepreneurs, and people had a hard time trusting them.

We all sat in the front row, while David Ledoux rolled out a new training manual. He wanted a test group to try it out.

Guess who raised their hands... of course we did!

This training sounded different:

  • It focused on a system, and not personalities (perfect for my team)!
  • It guaranteed results (which all prospects want)!
  • It gave you a step-by-step process to make money (cha-ching)!

After the meeting, I grabbed David Ledoux, and I said: "David, this training sounds great! My team can use something like this."

"That's good, but I only went through Training #1 of the 8." He said with a smile.

I replied, "Wow, there are 8 parts! Do you mind if I take a look at them tonight and start working on all 8 right away?"

"Not at all, just come out to my car after, and I will give you the other 7 parts."

I stayed until the last person left from the meeting. David said, "Are you ready to go?"

"Sure am, thanks again for letting me look at it in advance." I said with a grin.

As we left the hotel, the wind hit me like a brick wall. It was one of those nights where the wind chill was at 20 below freezing and the snow was falling sideways!

As we approached David's Jaguar, my heart just melted. I loved his car... it was so much better then mine. It was brand new, had a CD player, leather heated seats, 4 matching wheel rims, no holes in the roof, an engine that started right away and a heater! All the things I wished my car had.

He opened the trunk from 10 feet away with one of those automatic trunk release gadgets, and the trunk opened with a "whoosh"!

"Here are the other 7 parts of the training", he said "I will need them back for next weeks meeting".

"No problem David, you can count on me, I will call you this week - Bye." I said.

I thanked him, and headed straight for my car. It took the engine 10 minutes to warm up!

On the way home, I read at every stoplight. It was infectious, every page better then the first. Every Module in the system focused on a key concern, a key element, and a challenge that plagued every network marketer in the industry.

I finished the manual that night, and when I put it down, I had an epiphany... IT ANSWERED ALL MY QUESTIONS!

It gave the answer to the one major issue that every network marketer works so hard for: "How do I build a Franchise system for my business?"

What's the #1 franchise in the world?

McDonald's of course.

You're familiar with McDonald's; their system is flawless. It's so good in fact that you can put a McDonald's anywhere in the world, and it will look identical as all the others. The fryer is to the right of the cash registers, and the drive thru is always to the left. If there is ANY question that an employee or a customer has about any machinery, product, or service, then the answer is in the 500-page manual in the back office. The entire place is run by 17 years olds!

It's a perfect system, that's why no matter if you're in Moscow Russia, Bona Vista in Newfoundland Canada, Perth Australia or Rio de Janeiro Brazil, a Big Mac tastes exactly the same. The fries are cooked in the same temperature, and they use the same wax pencils to keep track of the waste.

No wonder they are a multi billion dollar company, and a leader in their industry.

The manual then said, "What if you could create the same system for your downline?" By using the same principles, you can build any business to perfection!

Needless to say, I took this manual to heart. It became my bible for my network marketing business. I shared it with my team (Green Hair, The Maniac Mechanic & The Burger Flipper), and they embraced it as well. I knew for this to work, we had to go into it with both feet and a leap of faith.

The results were staggering. Those 3 'misfits' turned into multitudes of team members and downline. Our whole team swelled to 32,000 by the fall of 1999.

From that downline, we built one of the top coaching and training companies in the world using bits and pieces of the original 8 Modules to help others in the industry reach success beyond their wildest dreams.

It's been VERY lucrative to say the least!

But it's time to focus on YOU.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  • Why isn't my downline doing more? (Is it because your upline hasn't trained you properly?)

  • How can I motivate my team to work harder? (Is it due to your team not having a duplicatable easy-to-follow system?)

  • Why won't my business grow faster? (Is it because you've been left in the dark when it comes to building a residual income?)

  • How do people sign up the perfect distributors? (Is it because they know something you were never told?)

  • Why can't my downline sell anything? (Could it be the complete lack of any retail training whatsoever?)

  • Why haven't I signed up anyone in months? (Is it due to a total lack of personal upline support and help?)

  • Why don't I totally understand the compensation plan? (Is it based on improper training at the very start?)

  • Why doesn't my downline duplicate what I do? (Is it because you were never taught the art of duplication?)

  • Why do I feel like I'm spinning my wheels? (Could it be because you haven't been taught anything new lately?)

  • Why is my paycheck dropping each month? (Is it because your upline has forgotten about you, or is 'too busy' for you?)

Get all the answers to these questions and thousands more with this ridiculously simple system designed for ANY network marketing company, and ALL types of network marketers!

The Ultimate Training System is broken up into 8 Modules, each one unique from each other. This "underground" training program has been used to build downlines in various companies throughout all parts of the world.

Over the past 7 years, we have added many, many things to this training system, and that's why I call it "The Ultimate Training System" today! It's become the most foolproof, easy-to-follow system ever created.

Here are some of the topics we discuss:

  • Network Marketing 1.01 - Step-by-step principles & goal setting exercises around creating large sums of income in your business!

  • Getting a Fast Start to Success - Have your new team members making money and advancing pin levels right away!

  • No More "Spinning my Wheels" Syndrome - Learn cutting edge advancements in presenting, follow-up and closing to increase your paycheck immediately and kick your business into overdrive!

  • How to Give an Effective Presentation - 7 simple steps to break your business down into topics and ideas that will have people lining up to sign up!

  • Building Continuous Retail Profits - Step-by-step instructions on how to build thousands of dollars in retailing your companies products and services!

  • Follow Up with Confidence - Rebuttals, strategies, tactics, and the best closing line I've ever heard to make you a sponsoring machine!

  • Revive Your Dead Downline - Get them motivated with simple-easy to follow steps of motivation, and income generation!

  • The Lost Art of Sponsorship - Find out what the millionaires in network marketing do to build tremendous downlines and life-long incomes!

  • Call Scripts that Work - The most cutting edge language used by today's top leaders. Prospects will want to hear what you have to offer!

  • Conquering the Fear of Calling - Simple, duplicatable ways to eliminate call reluctance forever!

  • Create Infectious Enthusiasm - Easy-to-follow steps to have new distributors making money faster, and building your business without you!

  • Creating Profitable Meetings - Uncover lost secrets on giving any type of professional meeting. Everything from conference calls to 1-on-1 presentations to huge hotel functions!

  • Identifying Critical Business Beliefs - Understand the 4 key belief systems to turn your downline into duplicatable successes!

  • Developing Dynamic Leaders - Discover proven methods to turn ANY distributor into moneymaking career professionals gushing with confidence and determination!

  • Turn any customer into a distributor - This 3 step process will turn any new or existing customer into a profitable downline member in less then a month!

  • Making the System work for you - Step-by-step instructions on how to teach and mentor this system throughout your downline, creating powerful distributors throughout your entire network marketing business!

  • And much, much, much more!

The Ultimate Training System   This manual will change your business forever. Inside this 90+-page system you will find step-by-step foolproof instructions to all areas of your business. It leaves no corner unturned! The best part is that you can CUSTOMIZE IT to your specific network marketing business... a world's first! All you have to do is put your company name and your product(s)/service name into it, and it is a perfect training system for all your team members.

The system makes no bias to anything other then action steps that lead to results. There are 8 Modules in the system, each one is laid out to be used as an independent training! We used this with our downline as an 8-week study course at our meetings! The growth we saw was incredible because this training focuses on building people... not companies.

Always remember - people move product(s)/services, not companies.

Each Module has references to the last, with awesome homework assignments that will get your team members results! The Ultimate Training System focuses on the important stuff... ACTION! There are even sections in the System where you reward your team for completed homework assignments! It has everything!

From motivating fence sitters, to having record number of sign-ups, to creating hundreds of thousands of dollars, The Ultimate Training System has it all plus so much more.

But how much does it all cost? Well, let's ask a different question. What is this training system worth?

As a successful coach, trainer, facilitator and distributor in network marketing, I would pay thousands of dollars for this information. Remember, our coaching and mentoring business doesn't come cheap. Our running rate on coaching tele-seminars is $300/hr, our live Seminars and Boot camps are $500/day, and we speak at corporate conventions for $5,000/day plus travel expenses.

But most network marketers don't have that kind of money to spend... at least not until they get their hands on The Ultimate Training System!

I was thinking about charging $197.00 USD, but I felt that not enough people would be able to afford it. I then thought about $97.00 USD, but I still felt that that was too much.

I remembered how it was to be broke. It was almost impossible to scrounge $100 together even if I tried back then. That was my reality before I got involved in this industry.

I sat down with my old skinflint penny-pinching accountant, and I asked him... "How much would you sell it for?"

"I wouldn't sell it for under a hundred!" he told me in between puffs of his cigarette and gulps of his single malt scotch.

"Good", I said. "That means I'm going to sell the entire training for $47.00 USD!"

After my penny-pinching accountant regained consciousness, I told him the same thing, and he passed out again...

That's right! This wealth of knowledge... this necessity for a dream business... this step-by-step dummy proof way to make boatloads of cash in network marketing is yours for the price of 3 large pizzas!

Above all of that, I'm even going to stick my neck out on the line and guarantee it's success. I'm even putting a 30-day no hassle money back guarantee on the whole program! That's right, if you are not 110% satisfied and compelled to share this training manual with your whole team, then I will give you your money back... no questions asked.

I've even conveniently put it into an ebook format for you, so you don't have to pay any extra for shipping and handling. This is the 21st century; we have the technology today to get products to people instantly. Why should you have to wait to get it in the mail?

So let's see, a duplicatable proven training system you can customize to your network marketing business, with a 30-day no hassle money back guarantee... it sounds like a no-brainer to me!

Just think... in a matter of seconds via instant digital download, you can have the most influential & proven strategies and tactics to build the income of your dreams! This manual will make you the poster child of your network marketing business!

So what are you waiting for?

Take charge of your life and your dreams today while you still can. Don't worry; you can thank me later.

Always remember:

If not now... then when?
If not this... then what?

Your friend,

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P.S. To recap, you get 'The Ultimate Training System' with a rock solid 110% money-back guarantee for the ridiculously low price of $47.00 USD! This training system can be customized for your own network marketing business, and it will teach you the A-Z strategies and tactics that millionaires have used for decades. This is all given to you in a step-by-step easy to follow way that can be taught through infinite levels in your business!

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